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The Southern Dairy Hub has been established in response to Southland and Otago farmers wanting dairy challenges in the region to be addressed through local research and demonstration.

The Farm

The farm will be self-contained for wintering and young stock, allowing for research across the whole system to be implemented. It is designed for running up to four 200-cow herds with one used as the control to demonstrate top commercial performance.

  • Total Area: 349 ha.
  • Milking platform and wintering: 310 ha (effective 300 ha) set up in 104 paddocks of approx 2.9 ha.
  • Year one: 700 milking cows with potential to increase to 800 from year two.


This 349-hectare facility, jointly invested in by southern dairy farmers, businesses, AgResearch and DairyNZ will operate as a working dairy farm as well as a site for important research to support the local dairy industry. Find out more…

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