AgResearch Project

The stream that drains the foot of the terrace at SDH is the focal point of a couple of water quality initiatives currently underway at the farm. The first of these is the implementation of a riparian planting plan.  Besides fulfilling specific conditions laid down in the resource consent attached to the farm, consideration is being given to see if this riparian plan can be adapted to incorporate some obvious critical source areas of sediment loss to the stream, thus maximising the value and effectiveness of this significant investment.  A second initiative focussing on the stream is a scoping study to quantify discrete inputs of flows and nutrients to the stream from the many pipe discharges that emanate from the edge of the terrace.  If nutrient inputs are considerable and occur at a time when attenuation (removal) rates are likely to be relatively high (i.e. when it is not too cold), there may be opportunity to capture these using some of the latest technologies that have been recently developed in Southland