Weekly Notes - 13 April 2023

Sorry we are a day late with the update this week. Farmwalk was done Wednesday to accomodate staff time off for Southland anniversary!.

First mob of 22 cows dried off today and next group of culls scheduled for departure next Tuesday. Noticing a slight increase in lameness following the wet weather so will be assessing all herds carefully and will reduce milking frequency if required to minimise lameness risk. Still lots of high quality pasture around but with paddocks dropping out for wintering and springers we are anticipating things will tighten up pretty quickly as soil temperatures drop.

Got a very late (or maybe extremely early 🤔🥰) Christmas present from Santa today - a nice shiny green addition to our vehicle fleet, replacing the old girl after 15 years 🙂

Second fodder beet yield assessment being completed this week.