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Why we’re here

The Southern Dairy Hub is a 349ha commercial scale Research dairy farm at Wallacetown near Invercargill.

Created by collaborative ownership between Southern Farmers’ & Businesses donations (via Southern Dairy Development trust) and Industry (DairyNZ), Research (AgResearch) to purchase and convert the property now owned by and known as the Southern Dairy Hub.

What we do

Deliver research projects that provide future focussed information for New Zealand Farmers.

Research operations at the Hub centre around providing Farm systems comparative research at scale.  The creates many opportunities for additional research to be carried out as off-shoots to the main program.  Profitability, Animal behaviour, physiological differences, environmental outcomes and feed. comparisons are all simultaneously explored at the Hub.

Our Vision

Be the most trusted Research and Demonstration hub for New Zealand Farmers

Our Mission

Providing economic, social and environmentally sustainable solutions for the southern South Island dairy farmers and community

Keep up with the latest

Stay up to date with our Newsletters, weekly notes, Field Day notices and other updates.

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Thanks to our Partners

We wouldn't be here without the foresight and vision of these organisations who invested in the development and establishment of SDH

Thanks to our Sponsors

Without the ongoing support of these businesses we couldn't do what we do.