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Southern Dairy Hub

611 Ryal Bush-Wallacetown Road
RD4, Southland 9874

Phone: 027 564 5595

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Andrea Dixon – General Manager

Phone: 027 564 5595

Andrea has been at the SDH since July 2023. Prior to joining the Hub, Andrea was the Lower South Island territory manager at the Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC) for a decade. Before joining LIC, she was dairy farming, although originally trained as an accountant.

Andrea reflects that not only is working for the SDH an industry-good role, it also allows her to work with a great team, passionate key stakeholders, and help find solutions for farmers for the future through the Hub’s research arm. "I believe the Hub is perfectly positioned to be ahead of the game so farmers can move more quickly with great information and data”.

Billie Singh – Farm Manager

Phone: 027 207 6012

Billy (Baljit) Singh is originally from North India, where he milked on the family farm. He moved in New Zealand in 2010 and joined our team as a relief milker in October 2018, before becoming the Farm Manager three years later.

Billy is truly passionate about dairy farming. He leads a team of six and spends most of his time planning and organising, given the complexity of the operation.

Judy Ridley – Administor

Phone: 027 214 6390

Lee Cowan – Media enquiries and communications

Phone: 021 930 836

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