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What we do

Comparative farm-systems research at scale, complementary projects to FS trial, rapid innovation - demonstration.

New Structure

  • As of 1 June 2024, the Southern Dairy Hub (SDH) implemented a streamlined governance structure.

  • All Hub operations and assets, including the Southern Dairy Research Farm (SDRF), were consolidated under one entity and one Board.

  • Simon Flood serves as the Chair of the consolidated board.

Previous Structure

  • Under the previous setup, SDH operated with two separate entities and boards: SDH and SDRF.

Key Changes

  • Simplified governance: The merger of the SDH and SDRF Boards eliminated duplication and improves efficiency.

  • Enhanced communication: Stakeholders have more direct access to the Hub, facilitating better collaboration and decision-making.

  • Ownership consolidation: All Hub assets are owned by one entity, ensuring streamlined management.

Continuity and Stability

  • Existing Hub employees transitioned seamlessly to the new entity with no changes to their contracts, which ensured continuity in operations and stability in the workforce.


  • Reduced administrative burden: The streamlined structure frees up resources for more focused activities.

  • Improved efficiency: Simplified governance and ownership lead to faster decision-making and implementation.

  • Better engagement: Stakeholders can more easily connect with the Hub, driving collaboration and innovation.

Looking Ahead

  • The new structure positions the SDH for increased collaboration, efficiency and innovation.

About the Research Advisory Committee

Made up of science representatives from southern farmers, AgResearch and DairyNZ is tasked with canvassing the needs of the wider southern farming community and considering what research and specific projects would be most beneficial, and what the technical requirements of each will be.  Recommendations are made to the operating body at the Hub, the Southern Demonstration and Research Farm Limited, to consider issues such as cost and how the research will fit within the constraints of the working farm and the wider remit of the Hub, before any approval can be given.

We want to hear from you!

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