Weekly Notes - 27 April 2023

Public holidays are playing havoc with our weekly scheduling of farmwalks & weekly meetings at the moment but next week we should be back to normal with posting of information.

This week the SDH family held a farewell function for Louise as she counts down to her last day as GM on the 2nd May. She is definitely going to be missed by all involved at SDH.

On farm we are concentrating on managing the run to the end of the season and to help with this have pulled together a calendar of events that we are adding to daily (see below). Autumn is always a complicated time for us at SDH but this year we have the added complexity of rerandomising all the cows and paddocks for the start of next season. What this means is approximately 435 cows have to be retagged and sorted into new farmlets and all the paddock number tags changed to their new colour!