Weekly summary 3 May 2023

Planning, planning, planning is the priority for us at SDH at the moment with lots of changes required across the farm prior to winter. As we moved to the new farmlet wedges for grazing this week our meeting focused on ensuring we had robust plans for achieving target pasture covers in our winter baleage, pre-springer, springer and colostrum paddocks and that everything was balanced across the new farmlets. Fodder beet lifted out of our transition zones will be used to transition milkers from mid-May.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be creating rainbow herds as cows move into their new herds for next season. Once our new tags arrive about 70% of the cows will require a new coloured tag!! Tail paint has been used to identify cows to herds until the new tags arrive.

Creating new herds was no easy task and we really appreciated the support of Jayden and Rachel from LIC with this. New herds had to be balanced for previous farm system, age, calving date, BW, PW, breed, liveweight and BCS.