Weekly Summary 10th May 2023

Weekly update 10 May: This weeks' cold snap will helping us get on top of our average pasture cover with herds being given fresh pasture mid afternoon rather than topping up with silage. The autumn feed budgets have been updated and with heifers back on platform from Sunday and minimising supplementary feeding to all herds for the next week we are on track to hit our dry off APC targets for all farmlets.

Our shout out this week goes to the farm and tech team for getting all the heifers collared and tagged yesterday in some pretty miserable conditions. One more job ticked off the list - now for replacing the coloured tags in the cows that are changing herds for next season.

Crop yield results are in and we have finalised the bale placement in the fodder beet paddocks. Yields currently ranging from 15 to 26 T DM/ha.