Weekly Summary 17 May 2023

Weekly Update 17 May: With just over 1 week to go of the season, a number of things are keeping the team on their toes at the moment. The heifers are being utilised well on the platform and transitioning onto fodderbeet has started for them in the last few days. We are doing our best to get all milkers, dry cows and heifers eating the same level of fodderbeet before the end of next week to ensure the smoothest transition into winter possible.


Checks are being undertaken on the water supply levels at the support block to ensure that they will keep up with the requirements of the cows on a baleage diet compared to previous years where the support block has only had calves on crop wintered there. Billy has also checked in with the vets regarding mineral supplementation requirements for the cows at the support block given they won't be getting minerals through the dosatron like they would be if they were being wintered on the platform.