Fortnightly Summary 13th July 2023

And just like that, we are well and truely into the depths of winter! 🥶🥶

Despite the cold and wet periods over the past 2 weeks, the cows continue to improve in BCS overall and are coming close to pre calving targets with a few weeks left until calves arrive. The team have also been out to weigh and bolus the R1s out at grazing and their weights are well in line with industry target for their age 🐄🐄

Our crops continued to grow above and beyond any other year and are yielding between 28-31 tonnes/DM in the paddocks that we have left.

First springer draft is kicking off next week so we will be into the thick of it before we know it!

A big shout out to farm team and Tash, Sam and Teresa for keeping things ticking especially through the cold and wet weather! ☔️