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Weekly Summary - 30 August 2023

Soil temperatures are on the rise and grass growth is strong. Cumulative rainfall season to date is 60 mm ahead of the same time last year. Calving at SDH continues to be slower than predicted which is compounding our average pasture cover challenges. With the cows now in their farmlet herds it is taking us up to 3 days to get through some of our high mass paddocks. Dries are being used to clean up where residuals are not being hit by the milkers. The temptation this week was to speed up our rotation but we will hold the SRP area for at least the next week as growth conditions could still change. With so many cows only 2-4 weeks into lactation appetite rather than allocation is likely to be limiting intake at this stage. We got our first mob of calves outside this week to reduce pressure in the calf sheds. It was encouraging to see two heifers on heat in one of the mobs this week.