Weekly Summary - 20 September 2023

 4 seasons in a week sums up the last week well! From sunshine, to howling winds and crazy rain all in a matter of days, this week has had it all!

Growth rates have continued to hold in the 40’s and there is still plenty of grass around as the end of the first round comes to a close in the next few days. All farmlets are requiring slightly different management this week as we navigate matching break sizes and area allocation with target intake. The green and blue wedges are starting to show a hole opening up compared with the consistent wedge shape In the pink and yellow wedges. We will keep a close eye on this as we head into the second round and use supplements to fill gaps where needed.

Winter planning for next season is underway with the first visit from the contractors taking place this week. With our complex/ busy wintering system it is a good use of time to thoroughly explain how paddocks should be cultivated, where buffer zones and break out strips should be left and how we can best work with the contracting team to ensure we get things right from the moment the first pass is underway.

The calves are making great use of the outdoor shelters before the first 2 mobs head off to the support block early next week! Pity the roof isn’t providing quite the same shelter after yesterdays winds! ☹