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Weekly Summary - 12 October 2023

Its been all go at the hub this week, from the field day, to herd testing, aerating, ripping, fixing the calf shed roof- the team have certainly not been bored!

For those who didn’t make it to our field day we will get the notes up onto the website early next week. Thanks to those who joined the day to hear from our four great speakers.  

With soil temperatures nearly at 12 degrees, its been no wonder that growth rates have lifted and the cows are struggling to hit residual in some paddocks. We think there is probably more feed out there than the plate is estimating this week.

Billy is thrilled to have the cows back milking at pre-flood levels averaging 2.1-2.2kgMS/cow per day and the fodder beet vat SCC has dropped right down into the excellence range after a few weeks of pesky mastitis cases seeing it sitting above 150,000