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Weekly Farm Summary 25 October 2023

It is definitely four seasons in one week (and sometimes one day!!!) in Southland at the moment! Fingers crossed for some more settled weather as we head into mating and baleage making.

Our first group of calves were weaned after weighing, drenching and 7n1 vaccination last Friday. With another group close to weaning weight there will be another weigh and wean late next week.

This week we used our Allflex collar data to identify non cycling cows for treatment prior to the start of mating. 80 animals, more than 45 days calved were identified as not having had a cycle. Age, BCS, breeding worth and health were considered in narrowing down the candidates for the first CIDR programme.

Finally, a big shout out to Glen and his team for getting the weeping wall emptied this week and crop paddocks well on their way for regrassing or sowing in fodder beet.