Weekly Farm Summary 1 November 2023

Weekly summary 2 November 2023: And just like that we are into mating for the 2023-24 season. It has been a busy week on the farm making sure we have all our systems and processes in place to make sure mating goes as smoothly as possible. With 4 different participant codes and sexed, jersey, crossbred and beef semen that needs to be used equally across the herds good planning is critical for success.

On the wintering preparation front our crop fertiliser is on farm and will be spread at the weekend. As soon as soil conditions are OK for planting the seed will follow.

The sprinklers in the yard were used for the first time this season during a hot afternoon milking. For more information on heat stress in Southland check out our website https://www.southerndairyhub.co.nz/.../HeatStress-Summary...