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Weekly Farm Summary 6 December 2023

Hard to believe it is December already and the countdown is on to the festive season. This week we welcomed Redson to the SDH farm team as a herd manager. It will be great to have an extra pair of hands over the holiday season so the team can all have some time off to spend with family and friends.

There has been lots of activity on farm getting a few areas tidied up now that all the calves are weaned and mating has slowed down.

We have been focusing on our summer, autumn and winter feed budgets for the last couple of weeks so we can take advantage of the current pasture surpluses across the region to make sure we have enough baleage and silage on hand for the rest of the season.

The farm was used for BCS assessment training this week and it was great to get really positive feedback on the BCS of our herds from the South Otago vet running the assessment. He commented that it was difficult to find any cows less than BCS for benchmarking at the bottom end of the range!!! Clearly our winter and spring BCS management is paying off .