Weekly Farm Summary 10 January 2024

The start of the 2024 year sees us with a full farm and technical team for the first time in over 6 months, so everyone is pretty excited with what lies ahead. As Billy takes a month off to spend with an eagerly anticipated new addition to their family Venura and Ravee are stepping into the decision-making roles.

On the feed front we have been able to signicantly reduce the amount of supplementary feed to all the herds and we are strategically topping a few paddocks to either reset residuals or remove the uneaten clumps. We are noticing a big difference in the look and presumably quality between paddocks topped/baled in the last round before Christmas and those that werent.

The first new grass paddock was nipped off this week with the rest coming into the rotation from next Wednesday. Growth on them has taken off in the last 10 days so it is likely they will require more than a nip off. The weed spray in early January is taking effect but paddocks will still be topped post grazing.

Today was the last day of mating so it will be interesting to see the results after our first scan on the 29th January.