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Weekly Farm Summary 14 February 2024

Hopefully some of you have managed to catch up with Andrea at the SDH and DairyNZ site 89/90 at the Southern Field Days - Waimumu this week. She is there again today for anyone who is heading out that way.

With a number of new staff joining SDH in recent months the team are taking the opportunity for some upskilling. This week the farm team completed Hazardous substance training with Ant Sutherland. A key learning for all of them was the importance of identifying the correct PPE required from a substances code on the Safety Data sheet. More training is scheduled over the next month.

On the farm management front our focus has been on winter planning, identifying springer paddocks for next season and working out how many bales frome each batch need to go to each paddock to ensure consistent quality across the farmlets. Another 171 bales were made off the milking platform this week bringing our season total to 1041 bales off the milking platform and 260 from the support block.