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Weekly Farm Summary 21 February 2024

This week the stars aligned and we finally got our spring silage pit filled.The weather has really been against us getting this off earlier. As a result of the delay, we have ended up with a bigger stack than we anticipated but it is money in the bank if we have a wet spring next season.

The latest pasture samples have come back with DM% from 15-18% so more like spring than late summer pastures. The calibration cut data and cow behaviour is indicating there is approximately 200 kg DM/ha less available than what the winter plate equation is estimating for us at the moment.

With a few paddocks identified for regrassing and aeration and a post conservation lag in growth for some paddocks we made the decision this week to start the final 12.5 kg N application to the lower impact farmlets. This will help sustain good growth heading into autumn.