Weekly Farm Summary 3 April 2024

And just like that it is April and autumn is well and truely upon us with cooler nights and shorter days. Our focus is now well and truly on setting up for next season and as such we made the decision this week for the Std FB herd to go to OAD milking based on BCS gain required before 1 June, increasing incidence of lameness and the feed budget indicating up to 6 kg DM supplement/cow/day would be required to achieve our dry off average pasture cover.

We are continuing to aerate 2022 spring new grass paddocks as soil conditions and the grazing plan allow. With winter grass and springer paddocks starting to be dropped out of the rotation our effective stocking rate will increase until we get all our culls off.

The fodder beet crops were yielded yesterday so it will be interesting to see how they are tracking.

The calves were weighed last Friday with the mob averaging 198 kg, up from 172 on the 1st of March, a weight gain of just under 1 kg/day.