Weekly Farm Summary 30 April 2024

This week we made the decision to move all herds to OAD milking based on current milk production, BCS, ground conditions and lameness and to make sure the farm team have the time to ensure everything is set up for wintering.

Our second group of cows were dried off and the early dries are now being ad lib fed on pasture to promote BCS gain.

The latest pasture quality results are in and the DM has ranged between 14 and 18%, ME from 11.1 to 12.3 and crude protein from 22.1 to 28.5%. The LI pastures averaged 24.7% and the Std pastures 26.5% crude protein but there were no differences in ME between the N fertiliser treatments.

Both mobs of replacements were weighed this week. The R2's were weighed before returning from the grazier to the support block. They averaged 444 kg (90% of mature liveweight) with a range from 360 to 560 kg (although I am the 560 kg!!!) and an average daily gain (ADG) since late February of 0.83 kg/day.

For the calves the average LW was 254 kg with a range of 234 to 285 kg and an ADG of 0.63 kg/day since 1 March.