Weekly Notes - 22nd July 2021

It has been quite a busy week on the farm this week with the team doing BCS, the first springer drafts, N intake animal sampling, and fitting the new Allflex collars!

Key decisions this week include:

- While the number of springers is low we are running the cows in one mob and they are getting MgO and DCP dusting. We will split these out into kale and fodder beet groups after the next draft and stop dusting the DCP to the kale cows.

- We reallocated cows to wintering mobs so now have an early calving and a late calving mob for each farmlet (instead of the light condition and the heavier condition mobs).

- Early calvers will be drafted twice/a week into the springer mob, and late calvers will be drafted once/a week into the early calving mob.

With the first springer draft this week we had a reminder that we need to be vigilant with our crop allocations with mobs changing size and moving around, especially when feeding fodder beet.

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