Weekly summary 24 May 2023

Weekly update 24 May 2023 (I know it is the 26th today but it has been a busy week so we are running a bit late summarising the data!!)

What a phenominal autumn we are having for pasture growth!! We averaged 30 kg/DM/day for the last week - double what we had in the autumn feed budgets. While it would have been nice to milk on longer a number a things dictated our decision to dry off on the 25/26th as planned. The high APC has created some headaches, but we have a plan to get it down before all the herds move into their wintering paddocks.

With one more milk pickup scheduled we will update on final production next week - production has continued to be strong to the end of the season so we will have some milestones to celebrate.

Big shout out to Billy, Venura, Charlie, Bakura, Veni and Tolu plus Tash and Sam for all your efforts over the last month as we have set up the herds and farmlets for next season. It has been a busy month but we are well set up for winter.