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Weekly Farm Summary 29 November 2023

There have been a few milestones this week:

1. the first herd hit 100% submission rate

2. all our spring ground-work has been completed (just before we rolled into summer!!)

3. we have finalised the plan for broadcasting plantain seed onto 2x Standard and 2x LI farmlet paddocks, now we just need to implement the plan

4. our summer student started

5. the last calves were weaned

On a not so positive note, we got caught out with the and didnt get all our baleage made as planned last weekend. The bales from these paddocks will be clearly identified, tested and used for wintering.

On the animal health front, the number of new lameness cases is becoming a concern, so we have a consult with the vets on Monday to try and get to identify the cause and come up with the best treatment options. We are happy with the herd BCS although there are clearly a few freeloaders!! 

The team are busy making plans for the holiday period to make sure everyone gets the opportunity for some time off to rest and recharge with family and friends.