Weekly Farm Summary - 31 January 2024

This week we got the first indication of how well our mating has gone for this season with the first scan of the cows. Six week in calf rate across the whole farm averaged 77% with the range between farmlets from 74 to 82%. We will do an indepth review of mating and differences between treatments once we have the final in calf rate.

Another week of strong pasture growth has seen us drop the inshed feeding back to a minimum and step over paddocks at the top of all the wedges so we can get herds going into the right pre-graze mass for their stocking rate and rotation length. The tractor has been used a lot this week to tidy up residuals behind all the herds indicating we havent quite got our allocations right.

New grass paddocks are sitting around 14% DM compared with 18-22% for the older swards. Calibration cuts suggest there is 2-300 kg DM less in the new grass paddocks are pre-graze height than the winter plate equation is estimating.