sddt-logoThe Southern Dairy Development Trust is a charitable trust and was borne out of an initiative in 2007 to establish an entity that could provide Southland with a dedicated research or demonstration farm focused on dairying.

The principle objectives of SDDT is to foster the regional development of sustainable and profitable dairy farming within Southland and West Otago.

The trust is the sole shareholder of the Southland Demonstration Farm Limited, which leases and operates an 800 cow dairy farm near Wallacetown.

Trust Vision: Fostering the regional development of sustainable and profitable dairy farming.
Trust Mission: Working with key dairy stakeholders to identify, support, govern and promote projects that create positive benefits for Southern dairy farmers profit, people and environment.

Trust Objectives: As part of delivering tangible benefits to dairy farmers in the Southern Region the Trust is involved in three key areas:

  • Southern Dairy Hub
  • Business Education
  • Local Dairying Issues

Current Trustees:

Tim Driscoll – Chairman

I’m part of the trust because I’m passionate about getting young people educated in how fantastic the dairy industry is and also to see research that’s relevant to the south in our world class facility.

Simon Topham – Vice Chair

I got involved in the trust, because I was keen to learn about governance and to help part of the transformation from being a demonstration farm to being a world leading research farm.

Alexis Muir

My involvement in the trust provides the opportunity to support and enhance a positive platform for the future of Dairying in the South and NZ Agriculture.

Robert Bruin

I am involved with the SDDT because I like to put my time and experience back into dairying in the south and it is a good way for me to get off the farm, being involved also benefits my personal development.

Sarah McKenzie

Kate Stainton-Herbert

I feel privileged to be involved with SDDT, I am passionate about farming and the future of farming.  I see real value in being able to bring a different perspective/representation from the South Otago farming area and helping create positive benefits for dairy farmers.

Michael Farmer

I got involved with the Trust to support dairy farming in the south and ensure it has a strong future.

Clare Officer

As someone who is passionate about the dairy industry being involved with the SDDT gives me the opportunity to give back to the industry and develop my governance skills. It is really exciting to be involved in this amazing world class research facility right here on our doorstep in Southland.

Luke Templeton

SDDT has been great at exposing me to interesting, important and progressive research at the Southern Dairy Hub. I really enjoy working with and developing with engaged positive people to serve the Southern Community.

Advisors to the Trust include:

The operating company (SDRF) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Dairy Development Trust which also holds charitable status and intends to continue its business of dairy demonstration and innovation.